Press Release: Haley Stevens Raises Nearly $2 Million in Third Quarter

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October 15, 2018
Contact: Blake McCarren
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Haley Stevens Raises Nearly $2 Million in Third Quarter

Stevens’ unprecedented filing following competitive August primary includes over $1.1 million cash-on-hand

BIRMINGHAM, Michigan –Haley Stevens, former Chief of Staff to President Obama’s Auto Rescue, raised $1.96 million in the third quarter — almost all of it coming in the seven weeks after she won a competitive 5-way primary — and finished with more than $1.1 million cash on hand. The unprecedented fundraising haul was driven by tens of thousands of grassroots donors at an average contribution of less than $20, and Stevens has now raised almost $3 million this cycle.

“Raising nearly two million dollars in just seven weeks is a testament to our campaign’s grassroots supporters,” said Jake Strassberger, campaign manager for Haley Stevens for Congress. “While Donald Trump’s Super PAC sweeps in to try to buy this seat for his campaign co-chair, Haley’s grassroots-driven coalition remains well-positioned to fight back and elect a leader who will make our government work for working families again.”

With a record-shattering $1.96 million, Stevens raised more money in the third quarter than any previous Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 11th District has been able to raise over an entire election cycle.

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