Press Release: Haley Stevens Releases First Broadcast TV Ad of General Election

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September 20, 2018
Contact: Blake McCarren
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Haley Stevens Releases First Broadcast TV Ad of General Election

“New Generation” Highlights Haley Stevens’ Experience Creating Online Job Training Programs


Haley Stevens, former Chief of Staff to President Obama’s Auto Rescue that helped save over 200,000 Michigan jobs, today released her first broadcast television ad of the general election. “New Generation” features Stevens discussing her experience creating an online job-training program that helped students learn the technical skills they need to get a high-paying job. Stevens, a strong proponent of apprenticeship and vocational education, goes on to discuss the need to prioritize technical skills training because every Michigander deserves a path to a high-paying job whether college is right for them or not. The ad comes after Crain’s Detroit Business wrote that Stevens “has made strengthening Southeast Michigan’s position in the national economy a core part of her campaign.”

Click HERE to view the ad.


“I’m Haley Stevens. When I was chief of staff to President Obama’s Auto Rescue, one thing really stood out to me. Skills and job training pay off. That goes for students who go to college and those who do something else. So I created an online digital manufacturing job-training program. And prioritized technical skills training for younger students, putting them on track to a high-paying Michigan job. I approve this message because a new generation will lead our state’s economy.”

Click HERE to view the ad.

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